New Majesty owner! I have a few Questions…

New Majesty owner! I have a few Questions…

Hello new member and new owner of a MM Majesty. Actually this is my first MM guitar.

I received my Majesty today and i am blown away on how comfortable it is to play and how awesome it sounds. I own a variety of other USA made guitars ( Gibson, SUHR, Fender, Jackson ) and i will say, This Majesty is on another level when it comes to comfort and how unique it sounds.

Anyways. I was curious how many trem springs do you Majesty owners use on the trem? Not sure if 2 or 3 come pre-installed but i did notice it came with 2 extra springs in the case. I usually will put 5 springs in my trem guitars for a tight/stiff trem bar (since i hardly use it) but something tells me these guitars are a bit different? Just curious?

Also are there any Mods/Upgrades/etc that you guys recommend for the Majesty? I LOVE the way it is now, Might have a tech raise the action just a hair but other that that, I dont think much can be done since the guitar is already fully loaded with all the goodies but figure it wouldnt hurt to ask.


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