New owner, looking for parts.

New owner, looking for parts.

Hello everyone, I’ve just picked up my first EBMM guitar! It’s a Luke 3 with rosewood neck. I’m really liking the guitar so far, tone is good but seemed a little muddy to me. I bought it used and didn’t know about all of the features, I read online that it has a boost with a push/push vol pot. I went to check on mine and no push/push.. I opened the back and someone (no clue why) has removed the boost and tossed a tiny import 250k volume pot in the guitar. So, I need to replace that tiny incorrect pot ASAP and I would love to have the boost feature.

I’m looking for a source for the push/push volume pot and whatever else I need for the boost circuit.

Thank you for any help. Glad to be part of the MM family!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I also need a wiring diagram to figure out how the boost is set in the circuit if possible. Thank you again.

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