NGD 1996 Musicman Axis It's 5150 TIME!!!

NGD 1996 Musicman Axis It's 5150 TIME!!!

1996 Musicman Axis – Album on Imgur

Thanks to the member on this forum I moved ahead and made the purchase off Reverb…. I’m so glad I did, it’s stunning… The seller really fine picked the issues wrong… If it were me selling I would have mentioned the little nicks and just normal wear for a 21 year old guitar! LOL I’m glad he did though, he was very honest so it made think hard about it…. She cost me 1,000…. Worth every penny!

3rd Axis I’ve owned over the years (97,08 previously) Can’t say it beats my 1st one as that one was in mint condition with zero fret wear but it’s close if not just as good…. Destroys the 08 though! Sounds killer and came set up pretty damn good too. Wasn’t crazy about the custom paint job on the case but after seeing it, it’s pretty cool.

Just a quick question though. The truss rod knob was very easy to turn, is that normal? I was able to adjust the tension just fine and it’s held in the place but with all other guitars it’s a lot harder to even get 1/8th of a turn.

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