NGD – Axis Semi Hollow

NGD – Axis Semi Hollow

*yawn… just another ‘boring’ black guitar….. 😉

GoKart Mozart did me 2 favors recently (thanks buddy… I owe you…)
First he bought that beautiful Axis Sport MM90 that had been tempting me for some time on Reverb (I just didn’t need it as I already have a beautiful ASS MM90, but it was a really good deal…), then he posted this-

Well, an Axis semi-hollow has been on my short list since they came out, and I couldn’t pass up the exceptional deal I got this one for! It’s in fabulous shape, and really does have a different voicing from my solid body ASS. Personally, I really like the black & cream finish. It reminds me of the ‘stealth’ Wolfgangs, and basic black is always classy and in style. Apparently, these are somewhat rare as well, as I’ve seen very few Axis semi-hollows with an opaque top. Most have figured tops and trans finishes (which are gorgeous…and a lot more $$ ). And I’ve yet to find a picture of another one with this specific configuration – black top, rosewood fret board, and unpainted headstock… makes me wonder how many, if any others just like this even exist.
Anyway, on with a few pics.

My Albert Lee’s are my #1 guitars, but these Axis models are a close second…
Someday when I have time I’ll get pics of our little Axis family all together…

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