NGD: BFR Aqua Blue Axis Super Sport

NGD: BFR Aqua Blue Axis Super Sport

Received this Friday afternoon, been busy and playing but took time today to take some pictures. This one was a long time coming and kind of funny story with it.

I ordered this from Pete right after NAMM 2017. Paid the deposit and he guessed fall 2017 for a delivery date. After a couple of months I totally forgot about ordering this guitar.Fast forward to mid December 2017, I get an automated email from DuBaldo music stating that my guitar was almost ready. As I stated I forgot about ordering this. I immediately emailed back asking what this was about. A couple minutes later my phone rings and its Pete.

We start discussing the order and after some deep digging in my in box I find the details. I had to laugh about it!

So expecting this sometime in January but it was not quite ready and then experienced a shipping delay due to NAMM 2018. Finally it made it to Pete and now to me. It is stunning forgot how much I love the Axis Super Sport, been awhile since I had one. The quilt top is fantastic as is the body woods and neck. Love al the chrome. Color looks much better in person that pictures The pictures tend to make it look like a lighter blue than it is.

Super happy and only realized this weekend that I own both January 2018 BFR releases, the Malibu Gold Cutlass and this one. As soon as the weather gets better will take an updated family picture, OK enough rambling pictures! 🙂

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