NGD! BFR Axis SS Content

NGD! BFR Axis SS Content

I have had the hankering for another Axis SS lately and this used Aqua quilt BFR from the Jan 2018 run popped up at a great price. It arrived yesterday and is pretty stellar. This one is number 15 of 35 made. Noteworthy features are the African mahogany body, mahogany neck, neck binding, and stainless steel frets. Had to tweak the setup, as usual when receiving a used guitar. A previous owner had installed 3 springs, tightened the claw all the way down, and wedged a piece of hardwood between the trem block and cavity wall. Different strokes I suppose.

A few misc. observations:

1) Definitely the best looking top that I have had on any guitar!

2) Wasnt sure how I would like the neck binding but it is pretty snazzy in person. The fitment to the neck and fretboard is perfect, as expected.

3) I love the color contrast between the vibrant aqua top and the light natural back.

4) The neck profile is noticeably thinner than any other Axis that I have owned and definitely less chubby than my 2000 Axis Sport that I can directly compare it to. Just natural variation from having a hand sanded neck. It feels great though since it has a light sat finish…very fast and slick feeling.

Overall just a really classy looking and fantastic playing instrument!

Here’s the original BFR announcement page and a few pics.
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