NGD // EBMM Stingray Special HH Liberta (freaking) Green

NGD // EBMM Stingray Special HH Liberta (freaking) Green


The day has come. I’ve been keeping this sucker all to myself for a few months, and it is now time for the exclusive, worldwide reveal.

May I introduce, one-of-one, breaker of chains, and whatnot, the – EBMM Stingray Special HH Liberta Green Flame Roasted Maple Neck

The neck on this thing is a beauty to behold. The flame job is truly next level. It currently has a mint guard, but I bought a white pearloid guard that I’m still not convinced I should swap out.

I’ve traditionally rocked EBMM Sterling basses (only having owned one EBMM Stingray H in the past), but ever since the Stingray Specials were launched I’ve been dying to get my hands on a roasted maple neck, neodymium pickups, 18v preamp (all the goodies). While the first drop of Stingray Specials featured some killer finishes, I wasn’t in love and I really wanted a visible (intense) flame roasted neck finish.

–SIDE NOTE: Why, oh why do we see so many epic, dreamy flame roasted neck finishes on the EBMM Cutlass, Valentine, and Stingray guitars, but no such love given to any standard bass finishes? Happy to make a peace offering to the powers that be to at least make this an option for Stingray Special and Sterling basses. End of rant.–

I digress. After a long look in the mirror, I realized that I’m a bit of a limited edition cowboy, so I wanted to wait for something unique to pop up. Once I saw the Caribbean island themed color collection drop with Guitar Center, including this Liberta Green monster with the most stunningly beautiful (non-BFR) flame roasted maple neck mine eyes had ever seen, I knew my wallet would soon be much lighter.

–SIDE NOTE II: The crew at Guitar Center confirmed that this bass (as with all 12 instruments in the collection) were created for Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival 2019 in Dallas, Texas (a mighty fine city, if you ask me). Per GC, all 12 instruments are one-of-one. Per me, that’s pretty neat.–

The only other (purely cosmetic) tweak I’m considering is to swap out the humbuckers with a set of white EBMMs, as seen combined with the Firemist Silver finish available as of 2020. But I am currently loving the way the black humbuckers contrast with the mint guard, so we shall see.

That’s all I got. Hit me with any questions or thoughts!

P.S. Ya boy is looking for one more horse to add to the stable. If anyone knows of an EBMM Big Al Bass 4 SSS out in the wild, I’d be willing to part with my last remaining leg to make it my own.

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