NGD: EBMM Valentine

NGD: EBMM Valentine

I recently picked up an EBMM Valentine and I am completely blown away by this guitar. It is really hard to get pictures that do it justice. The figuring in the neck is absolutely gorgeous.Mine weighs in at 6.69 pounds and I am absolutely loving the tonal possibilities.

I put together a little clip running through some of the tones.
0:00-0:16 Middle position/No Boost/No Coil Split
0:16-0:31 Neck position/No Boost/No Coil Split
0:31-0:59 Bridge position/No Boost/Coil Split N/A
0:59-1:17 Bridge position/Boost On/Coil Split N/A
1:17-1:32 Bridge position/No Boost/Coil Split N/A

And here are some pics!

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