NGD…gone wrong? Advice please!

NGD…gone wrong? Advice please!

Hey forumites, long time reader, love these forums, you guys are awesome!

I ordered a used 2019 Majesty Stealth Black from a major retailer that will for now remain nameless. It was not local but I was able to get a manager on the phone who gave me the backstory on the guitar, and answered all my questions to ensure the guitar was indeed in “like new” condition as advertised. It said it included a case, and I confirmed it’s the original case including original paperwork etc.

Fast forward to earlier today: I received the package loosing my mind from excitement after years of dreaming of owning a Majesty and finally saving enough pennies, cut open the top of the box, pull out a piece of bubble wrap…….and exposed the headstock of the guitar. In an unorganized loose mess of bubble wrap. No case. Tremolo arm installed. Yes, you read that all correctly. My heart sank when I saw that bare headstock.

There is no apparent physical damage I can see, though having the opaque paint job makes it impossible to actually see the wood of course. But I’m especially concerned with the seemingly complex and relatively fussy electronics getting jostled around from the shipping company half way across the country over the span of a week, and the potential issues that could arise from that, especially not having the manufacturers warranty purchasing the guitar used.

A store manager apologized and called the massive error of not shipping the guitar in its case an “oversight”, and they are supposedly shipping the case to me next day air. But that doesn’t solve the fact that the guitar was already shipped naked, barely covered in cheap bubble wrap. And it leaves me with concerns about potential problems in the future due to unknown handling during shipping without being in the case.

So I ask you all for advice please: given the circumstances of being without any manufacturers warranty, what would you do? Is this situation crazy? Or am I being nuts?

Thanks in advance for your time and advice! Cheers

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