NGD – JP15 – 7: guess she's a keeper

NGD – JP15 – 7: guess she's a keeper

Finally got o spend some quality tome today with my new JP15-7. It’s top quality as expected. The neck gave me some trouble first and I’d been on the fence given that it’s very much on the thin side (I deleted my initial thread abut this).

I made some adjustments and the strings are actually quite a bit lower now. Made it feel much better already. Plugged it n for the first time tonight and it sounds really nice. Very balanced, levels and overall tone should play nicely together with my other guitars. Impressed by the piezo. Will check that in a few days over a PA. Also really impressed with the trem system – certainly can keep up with my Floyd Rose equipped stuff. Not sure yet if I’ll go the tremor-no route or something else that would allow dropped tunings on the fly.

I dialed back the boost to only a very minor increase in gain. Not a fan of that feature still. I tried the guitar also without battery and it’s silent. I wonder if there is a simple way to bypass this?

Lesson learned about string gauges: D’Addario doesn’t have a 10-56 set – and the 10-59 set I had doesn’t fit! At least I wasn’t able to get the 59er B string through the Schaller locking tuner…

Loosening the trim arm a bit helped with better access to the controls. I’m getting used to the pickup selector switch and it’s not as much in the way as I had thought it might. The volume control is in a weird spot still for me and the knob feels too small somehow still.

Put on a set of Schaller strap locks – worked well with the longer screws. Rock solid. Waiting for a Levy strap to come in the mail that looked as if it might work well with this. I debated DiMarzio clips since I used them other guitars but saw the concerns that many folks here have about the tight case and how that can ding things up. Certainly has happened on another guitar I have. Might be just right with the weight distribution also – though given that it is a 7-string mahogany body instrument, it’s not heavy at all. Comes in at just around 8lb.

Ok, time to go to sleep and put her away.

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