NGD-JP6 Limited Edition Buttercream Arriving Soon!!!

NGD-JP6 Limited Edition Buttercream Arriving Soon!!!

Hi All,
Long time PRS guy here, and finally just pulled the trigger on my first Music Man! Been wanting a JP6 for the last several years, but was waiting for “the one”. Had a chance to get one of these LE’s back in 2006, and missed out. Played several other JP6’s, and just fell in love with the necks on them…just perfect for my hands.

On the way to me as we speak, is a 2005 JP6 Limited Edition Buttercream! Fully loaded, unplayed mint condition, all original parwork and original LE case. I’m not sure what it is about the buttercream color that I dig so much…maybe it’s cuz I like the “vintage” look. Problem is, that LE color is so hard to find (trust me, I have been looking), and I got a sweet price on this one too…sometimes the stars do align!

Happy to finally be an owner of one of these US made beauties, and naturally, will post pics after UPS drops her off next week! Man it’s gonna be a long week…

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