NGD! Luke / White Pearl content

NGD! Luke / White Pearl content

I did some trading with a good buddy over the weekend. He’s more of a humbucker guy and I was looking for something else, so I swapped my Y2D for his Luke. The White Pearl is a really neat color under the light; it’s full of multi-colored shimmery sparkles but it’s difficult to get an accurate photo representation.

Most importantly…it plays and sounds like a friggin’ dream. I sold my other 2nd gen Luke to a forum member several years ago and have occasionally missed it, so it’s nice to have another one that plays & sounds so good!!

I’m going to do the John resistor+capacitor mod on this one to get the “quack” in the 2nd position (bridge+middle).


This is the closest that I could get to accurately depicting the sparkles:

And just to complete the trifecta, here’s my old Luke that I sold to a fellow forum member a while back. I think it’s in Europe now?

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