NGD – My first EBMM!

NGD – My first EBMM!

Guitar Center (I know, I know) happened to have a BFR Axis come up on clearance, as a floor model. Seeing as MM has discontinued all Axis colors until later this year, and pretty much all existing stock (in the US at least) has been sold off, and more to the point, GC was offering the Axis at a killer price, I couldn’t resist. It just arrived on Friday, and it’s stunning:

Not my first Axis – I have a SBMM in white, plus another coming next week (couldn’t resist the neptune blue)… but this BFR is a sight to behold, and feels amazing. Unfortunately, it seems to have a bad volume pot that cuts out the pickups at the top of its range, and it’s missing the grub screw that adjusts the trem arm friction. But those are minor issues that are easy to resolve.

I get what all the hype is about now!

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