NGRFD (New Guitar Re-Finish Day)

NGRFD (New Guitar Re-Finish Day)

I’m going to start off with this project was something that I’ve been contemplating doing for quite some time. My journey with EBMM has been a lot of fun… almost 16 years now I’ve been playing musician guitars. Recently with the addition of a little one my GAS has not settled; and fortunately, there’s a company called Sterling by MusicMan that has fed my fret lusting…

Recently, I purchased a Sterling AX30D and at the same time got a lusting once again for a Dargie Delight 1… so looking at what I could sell I came up with nothing I wouldn’t regret letting go.
And then I had a brilliant idea to refinish one of my Sterlings… the sacrificial lamb for this project was my LK100D… in Luke Blue… Love that guitar… but why not give it up for a makeover…

So low and behold I prepped and finished this one all by myself and it turned out great. Is it identical to the Dargie color… probably not but pretty close to cure my desires….


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