Nova Delay Programming issues

Nova Delay Programming issues

So just put my new Nova delay on my board this morning. Went through programming presets only to find that certain parameters saved but that the delay time across the entire set of presets with the exception of number 4 was the same as the LAST saved preset.

I also noticed that instead of getting the fast flash across the three modulation types it was a slower 1..2..3..across the modulation lights. So I tried again and the same thing except that THIS time my dynamic setting stayed put as did my slapback setting on number four along with number 8 and 9. Again no fast flash across the modulation lights, I got the slow 1..2..3.. and at random any number of presets will be the same as the last delay time that I store.

I got this pedal based on the Afterglow chorus that I got. I figured with the luck I have had with such an inexpensive pedal like the Afterglow that this would be better quality. So far it has been the opposite. If I had known that I would be having these type of issues with a new pedal (random volatile memory), I would got the Eventide Time Factor. I can have a piece of s$%t for a lot less than I spent on this piece of s&%t!!

So far with this experience, TC is not bringing this guy over to their products.

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