Nut Width Question

Nut Width Question

Hello all!

I have had my Valentine now for 3 years… love it. It’s my sole electric and part of the family. I have over that time, come across many comments, reviews, etc that mention the narrow nut on most EBMM guitars(1 5/8). I know this was a vintage fender spec as well but most modern guitars are wider. I have no issue with it. I’ve found some chords are more difficult to finger properly with the tighter space but, since I play it every day, it’s become natural. Probably makes my fingering more accurate in the process. I just don’t know what the advantages are of the narrower nut.

I was curious as to why EBMM has used, and continues to use this spec. I assume there is some reasoning behind it since they are such artist focused instruments… tools designed and built to be played above all else. I just have never come across any specific explanation… and was wondering if there was one.

Thanks… hope everyone has a great day!

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