Off Topic: Any Mark V owners?

Off Topic: Any Mark V owners?

So I’ve wanted a Mesa/Boogie pretty much forever, and I’m going to attempt to buy one this year. (I’m buying a new house later in the year, so trying to get all the gear I want before my mortgage jumps up. :D)

Looking hard at the Mark V 35 and wondering if it’s worth the extra money to bump up to the 90-watt, keeping in mind that I’m a bedroom player mostly. I might jam with some other guys I know, might do some amateur recording with my brother, might in a great stretch of the imagination play a small gig at some point, but that’s very unlikely.

I know there are a few extra features on the bigger amp, but I’d never really get into the upper reaches of the 90-watt’s capabilities.

Pros? Cons? Thoughts from folks who own one?

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