Off Topic: EBMM Content – Queensrÿche Tribute

Off Topic: EBMM Content – Queensrÿche Tribute

Fellow Ballers! Good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are. Happy new year!

I have been a huge Queensrÿche fan since the day I discovered them, and have had the pleasure of playing this song in one of my older bands. But, to play it again on the EBMM JP15 was the real pleasure.

Here’s a rendition of ‘Jet City Woman’, one of my favourite tracks from that hard rock/metal era. Hopefully I’ve done some level of justice to the playing and the tone.

Watch it here:

As always, I would appreciate any and every comment that you may have. I am trying to start my own YouTube channel, and will really appreciate if you subscribe, if you like what you see and hear.

A huge shout out to everyone at EBMM for creating such a masterpiece of a guitar. It has tremendously improved my playing and got me where I am today.

Cheers everyone and thank you for watching!

Let me know your comments and thoughts on what I could do better! Could be anything, tone, playing, video, I am all ears (seriously, I want your feedback! :D)

PS: I really want to cover some Dream Theater someday when I can play it 😀
Admins: Please allow this self promotion, pretty pls. Thank you!

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