Off Topic: I have done it again :)

Off Topic: I have done it again 🙂

Fellow Ballers! I was honestly overwhelmed and humbled from your last response on the cover I posted. It has inspired me to do this more regularly now and start my own channel 🙂

Yet another reason for celebrating this awesome guitar crafted by awesome people. There is nothing this Guitar cannot do. Thank you EBMM a million times.

I apologise for the shameless self promotion, but I would love your feedback as always and would like to share more. So please pour your heart out and let me know the good, the bad etc. etc. 🙂

Thank you everyone! Cheers.

Admins: Don’t want to cross a line here, so please let me know if sharing EBMM content here ‘often’ is an issue! I’ll take the post down.

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