Old Smoothie and Caprice Gig Report… part deux

Old Smoothie and Caprice Gig Report… part deux

Lets try posting this again while in a wee bit more sober state of mind….lol sorry about that..

Well I gigged the new Caprice this weekend…. to say I was impressed is truly an understatement. I took both the Caprice and my new OS Stingray to my gigs this weekend with the intention of running them both through their paces and I think I was able to accomplish that.

The first night was in a cellar type club with concrete floors, ancient brick walls and a very low ceiling. Unfortunately on this gig I also had to contend with my dear drummer friend who seems to be a wee bit dynamically challenged and the sound in that room just goes to crap once we start playing the volume game. I tried to start out on the Caprice but I really could not hear anything but drums and cymbals and I refused to turn up so I really did not get a very good impression of the Caprice. On the second set, the crowd cleared out a bit and I suppose with fewer people to potentially impress, the drummer pulled back on the reigns. I had also decided to use the OS Stingray and it was just lovely. It sounds as good in a live band mix as it does solo in my bedroom. I had the bass and treble at about 75% and still have the factory strings on it. I loved the neck and playability and the tones were just there. Sterling gave the best definition of this bass when he says it is an active bass that sounds like a passive bass. It truly is a Smoothie.

The next day was a big multi band outdoor Wounded Warrior event with a big stage and full sound support. I was with a different group and with some really talented and tasteful musicians. Mostly doing rock and some Muscle Shoals like groovers. I gave the Caprice the nod once again since I felt like she did not get a fair shake the night before…. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I was with this bass. I had the neck pup on full and the bridge nearly off and the tone at about 50%. The growl and snarl and rich harmonic content was glorious. I was catching the wide eyes of the other bass players standing in the audience and shared many a smiles over the Caprice’s tonal performance. As greasy and nasty as the growl was, the tone remained musical and so pleasing. Of course a bass convention commenced back stage after our set and I was able to hear the praises and ooohs and ahhhs from my fellow bass brothers. One of my good friends was already on the fence about the Caprice and I am sure he left yesterday in full GAS mode looking to aquire his own.

I love my OS Stingray… and it is probably my favorite bass I own… but the Caprice truly stole the show this weekend. I had FUN playing this bass. I cannot wait to gig it again.

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