Optical input not working with Avid Nitris DX

Optical input not working with Avid Nitris DX

Hi all,

After successfully updating my new Clarity M Surround to the latest firmware, I am having problems to get the optical input (input 4 – Toslink) getting to work, so that I can monitor my audio in realtime.

I have connected the Clarity M Surround with the output (SPDIF/ADAT) of my Avid Nitris DX. This is an external hardware accelerator and audio/video breakout box for Avid Media Composer.

USB Mode is set to Disk Drive. Input (Reset) is set to Optical. At the lower part of the screen, the little square is red and says No Lock. I have screen shots of this, but apparently I cannot attach them here.

Is there anyone knowing what I am doing wrong? The Plug-in mode works without any problems, but this gives me no balance-o-meter, true peak meters, RTA, vector scope.

Thank you very much in advanced for your help!



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