Original Cutlass HSS pickup heights

Original Cutlass HSS pickup heights

As of a week ago, I am the happy new owner of a Cutlass HSS RS. I had the guitar set up recently, and I am thinking about adjusting the height of the humbucker (raising it) and was curious what the original/factory settings are (and also where it is typically set relative to the single coils). For context, right now the humbucker feels a hair quieter than the single coils, whereas I would like it to be a tad louder.

I found this thread which contains this exact info for the Cutlass SSS: http://forums.ernieball.com/ernie-ba…s-cutlass.html

Does anyone have the info for the HSS? I am guessing the single coil heights are the same, so mostly wondering about the humbucker.


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Source: http://forums.ernieball.com