PCI Expansion Box with Powercore PCIs?

PCI Expansion Box with Powercore PCIs?

I need to upgrade my PC after my socket 1150 based system gave up the ghost. I think that was the last generation of motherboards with multiple PCI slots. I don’t know what I’ll end up with yet, but it probably won’t have PCI slots.

I’m considering the below Exsys expansion system:
https://www.integrate-computer.de/epage … ts/EX-1032
along with their PCIe adapter and cable.
I understand that this system doesn’t use drivers because it’s based on the standard PCIe / PCI bridge that the O/S supports. I want to run 4 PCI pocos.

So I’m reaching out to the community here for any advice that can be offered around this.
Does anyone have one of these working in this way, or is there another off the shelf system known to work?
Is the 220 watt PSU enough for 4 Powercores?


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