Pete DuBaldo's Diablo Blue Exclusive Run 10-23-2019

Pete DuBaldo's Diablo Blue Exclusive Run 10-23-2019

Here’s an official heads-up for some of you who may not have seen the teasers on our Facebook page!

The Diablo Blue exclusive run was designed by Pete DuBaldo (hey, that’s me!) from DuBaldo Music Center in collaboration with Music Man. A tremendous thanks to the entire Ball Family & staff at the MusicMan factory who graciously spent a lot of time helping me create this awesome exclusive run.

The naming of the color “Diablo” blue is a humorous play on how people commonly mispronounce the DuBaldo family name – and yes, I’m serious – it happens on a weekly basis!

These instruments will be arriving from now through the next 3 months or so, and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

DuBaldo Music Exclusive Run of Ernie Ball Music Man instruments – Diablo Blue

Here are some teasers, enjoy! 😀

I’ll update tomorrow with the full details

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