PoCo FW and Mojave

PoCo FW and Mojave

Hi all,

So glad to see things are alive still! and huge respect for the guys continuing to keep it alive!!

I am struggling to keep up with usual apple updates and anomalies attached. I am quite happy with Yosemite, but Logic, FULL of bugs, is no longer updatable with Yosemite, so I need to update OS and the only option is Mojave.
The last time i followed the guide for Yosemite, I had to do the small terminal hack.
If I follow the latest guidelines in the sticky, will this work with Mojave?

I plan on creating a clone drive of my current Yosemite system and then updating the clone to test it out so I don’t irreversibly ruin my working, but slightly dated system. Any other tips or experiences?


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