Polytune 3 Buffer when Passive/Unpowered

Polytune 3 Buffer when Passive/Unpowered


I recently bought a Polytune 3 tuner and set it to the Bonafide buffer via the internal switch. The specific setting I opted for was “Buffered Bypass” and not “Buffered Bypass Always On.”

The tuner happened to become unplugged, and I noticed it was still carrying the guitar signal. There was also no battery installed.

I’m not an expert, but I understood that only a true bypass pedal would function in this way–i.e., would carry the guitar signal when completely unpowered. Does anyone know whether the Polytune 3 should work this way when unpowered and in buffer mode?

Basically, I want to be sure the buffer feature is working.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide…

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