Popping / Clicking Noise – True Bypass Pedals

Popping / Clicking Noise – True Pedals

Hey Everyone,

I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this. I have (3) TC pedals that all produce an audible clicking/popping noise through the amp speaker when turning on/off. Here’s my setup:

(30 Watt Tube Amp) <–Hall of Fame 2 <–Ditto <–MojoMojo Overdrive <– Mini-Spark Booster <–10′ Cable from guitar

Proven solution:
      a. The one thing that eliminated this on my HOF 2 pedal was switching it to buffer mode. It’s now silent when turning on/off. The other pedals don’t have this feature.

Here’s what I know:
      a. The pedals do it whether they are plugged into this tube amp or into a different one
      b. The pedals do it whether they are in this room or in a different room in the house
      c. The house is over 100 years old and still has some active knob and tube wiring – interference?
      d. Tapping the pedals several times does not eliminate the sound – it stays the same
      e. The pedals do it whether connected to a onespot or battery powered.

Possible causes?
      a. This is just how true-bypass pedals are?
      b. The tube amp has a bad tube and is leaking DC back to the pedals?
      c. I recently had a onespot die on me – could it have damaged all these pedals in the same way?
Is this just how true bypass pedals are? Would putting a dedicated buffer in front of the line help (Polytune 3 or just a dedicated buffer)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Source: http://forum.tcelectronic.com