Preamp too powerfull?

Preamp too powerfull?

Hello everyone. I’m a Stingray 5 special HH from 2018 owner and I have a question regarding the overall sound of the bass.
When I plug this bass whether in my amp or worse in my audio interface with a DI, the sound of the “bass”, I mean the low frequencies is WAY TOO powerfull. The bass knobs are all in the “neutral” position right at 50%. It’s not a problem for the mids, the treeble are a little too high, but it’s probably how the stingray should sound but the bass… even at 50% it’s already way too powerfull.
I have to well cut it 100% on the bass or almost cut it 100% on my DI to have a decent useable sound.
Did I do something wrong? Is there a problem with my bass, or is it the way the new stingray is supposed to work?

I ask this question cause I own another bass which is an active jazz-style bass, and I can totally do what I want with the preamp without blasting the headphones.
I can’t even imagine boosting the bass with the know on my stingray…

Thanks for the help

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