Problem: saving changes to FX parameters globally?

Problem: saving changes to FX parameters globally?

New user here, can’t find what I need in either the manual, or Lairds’ excellent paper.

I have a 4 channel Marshall JVM 410H, and I’ve set user presets 00 1 to 00 4 to change between these channels via midi. So far so good.

I want to edit the Mod, Pitch, Delay and Reverb settings to 1 standard version of each, and use the switches like on/off switches on stompboxes. For example, whichever channel I’m in, if I switch Mod on I always get Classic Chorus, with same parameters.

I’ve tried following instructions for FX editing in the manual, but when I switch back it hasn’t saved my edits, and defaults instead to the original settings for the FX. The instructions are not explicit and my various attempts aren’t working. Can anyone please tell me (a) can it be done like I want, and (b) exactly how?? I can’t be the only person trying to do this….

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