Project Advice

Project Advice

Here is the problem: When I have my gear (wireless pack’s gain, wireless receiver gain, amp gain, envelope filters, compressors etc.) set up for my stingray (9v preamp) and switch to my bongo (18v preamp) on stage it clips everything and slams into the compressor and envelope filter way too hard.

Here is my goal: I want to run my bongo at max volume on the bass with no modifications to the instrument itself. I am set on having my bongo at max volume on the bass because its been a pain to try and dial in the exact volume needed with the volume knob. Simply “turning my volume on the bongo down” is not practical and when I messes up during a show and its too loud it clips my wireless pack and sounds terrible until I can try to dial it in again.

Needs: Doesn’t modify the bass itself. Comes before the wireless pack after the bass (pack has its own gain). Is passive since its on my strap not my pedal board. Is compact since its on the strap. Affects tone as little as possible.

Here is my potential solution: I want to build an external passive volume control box to sit on my strap between my MM bongo and wireless unit to bring the level down to where my stingray’s is. I want it to have a 1/4″ in and out, and an internal volume pot (internal so that I set it to the correct level, put it inside the small project box, screw it together, and never worry about re-adjusting). I would then plug a patch cable from the bongo to the volume attenuator on my strap, and from the volume attenuator into the wireless pack that is also on my strap bringing the level down before it is ever a problem.

Questions: Type of pot to use and why. Any other ways to do this better. Potential problems with my solution. Any additional advice.

Thank you!

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