Question: 5-position Switch on a SUB 4HH StingRay

Question: 5-position Switch on a SUB 4HH StingRay


I’ve admired the MM StingRays from afar for years. And, as fortune would have it, tomorrow I have the opportunity to pick up a Sterling by MM SUB StingRay 4HH. Doing some deeper research on it, I see the switch is a 5-position switch changing between combinations of full or partial PUP choices.

I’m in a cover band doing mostly classic rock with some new Country tossed in. As someone a bit new to active electronics (my go to on stage for the last 15 years has been my Peavey Grind 4 with passive PUPs), is there a specific switch selection on the Ray that tends to work better for one genre than another? For those of you with similar setups, what’s your switch selection of choice for what you play?

Thanks, in advance, for any insights! 🙂

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