Question: Albert Lee Pickups/ wire harness question

Question: Albert Lee Pickups/ wire harness question

Hi, I purchased a used 2017 AL HH model and the previous owner replaced the entire wire harness and pickups. I want to get the instrument back to what it was or close to what it was – same pickups 5 way switch, etc, Unfortunately EBMM support said they don’t sell loaded pick guards – darn.

I’m in a bit of a jam as it is very rare that such a wire harness would be presented on an auction site.

I’m not so mechanically inclined when it comes to the soldering iron. Basic stuff I can do, but not a full wire harness with a five way switch and coil splitting etc.

Do you have any suggestions for me? DiMarzio pickup suggestions? Suggestions for who/ where I could get a wire harness, etc.

Any people build loaded pick guards for EBMM guitars. It seems most are focussed on Fender an Gibson. I’m located in Canada, but could purchase from the USA as well.

Thank for any help with this. I’m at a bit of a loss when it comes to the electronics.

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