Question: Axis pickup width

Question: Axis pickup width

Hi all, its been a while….
Life has been sucking hard lately…but anyhow lets start with something good.

I want to change out my Axis pickups for a wolfgang pickup in the bridge and an evh in the neck.
I have these 2 lying around and thought I would try it out to hear it and compare it. I’m finding the original bridge pickup a bit too bright for my liking. I have a pv wolfy and like the beefy tone it has in the bridge…

Ok my question is (before I strip the strings off and unsolder everything), will the wolfgang pickups fit into the Axis? I’m not sure about the spacings and wiring etc. Oh and I’m also going to wire a tone pot in with a 500k capacitor. Has anyone here done this to an Axis? Any ideas?

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