Question: EBMM Setup FAQ

Question: EBMM Setup FAQ

Before we get started, this does *not* pertain to my bass in particular and is not a “hey guys help me set up my bass” post. Did my due diligence w/ the search function as well.

The “How do I set up my Music Bass” section of the FAQ states the following:
…If it buzzes between the 5th fret and the 12th fret, the neck needs to be straighter (turn the wheel slightly clockwise)…

My main question:
Why is it that buzzing between the 5th & 12th frets is remedied by tightening the truss rod?

To me, it seems like that would bring the strings closer to the fretboard and create more buzzing. I think I may not be accurately gauging where the midpoint of the nut/bridge is, or just generally don’t understand the geometry at work and that’s why this one is going over my head.

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