Question: Issues about the sound of my bass

Question: Issues about the sound of my bass

Hi there, this is my first Musicman Stingray bass. So i am sorry if my newbie questions are irrellevant. 🙂

The bass is 2015 made Stingray with HH setup and 4 strings. Ash body and Alnico pickups. I bought it as a used instrument couple of days ago.

After setting up and changing the new strings, i noticed that the bass lacks of mids (low mids especially) and bass frequency doesnt seem to very focused. Thats the question one, is this normal for Stingrays or my ears got very used to hearing precision bass so that i feel that way?

The question two is, i found the neck humbucker little bit plain toned compared with the bridge pickup. So i made a tap test on the poles of the humbuckers, bridge humbucker pulls the screw driver strongly, however neck humbucker is weaker than the bridge humbucker. Is this a normal feature for that particular model?

There isnt another model that i can compare in the guitar center, thats why i am asking here. I cant record the sound so cant send you the sound samples. Thanks for your help in advance.

Thats the exact model with my bass in the video by the way.

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