QUESTION: JP6 neck finishes / JP15 pup swap

QUESTION: JP6 neck finishes / JP15 pup swap

Hello everyone!

First time poster and soon-to-be owner of my first EBMM guitar in need of help here.

I’ve played Suhr guitars for quite a while and have set my mind on getting an JP signature for heavier genres. They seem to be of excellent quality judging by the various models I’ve tested out during the last decade. Kudos to EBMM! 😎

As I’ve had the pleasure to try them, I’ve so far prefered the JP6 BFR, but I can’t stand the painted neck. So I am wondering if there are any JP6 models (apart from the normal one with gunstock waxed maple neck) that would have a matte/satin/unfinished neck?

I adore the JP15 roasted neck as it feels super comfortable. Because of this I was already set on JP15 until I recently got it for a test drive and I wasn’t so convinced by the Illuminator pickups. Then I started looking and noticed it could be a bit of a hassle to change the pickups because of the mounting rings and weird electronics. Was I intimidated for nothing and can the pickups be swapped easily on it or not?

Hopefully you guys know better and can give me some ideas on what options I have to go with!


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