Question: JP70/157 or Majesty w/ dot inlays?

Question: JP70/157 or Majesty w/ dot inlays?

I hope this specific question hasn’t been asked already but I realize there’s going to be some overlap with discussions in other threads.

I’m looking to add a 7-string Petrucci model–any 7-string Petrucci–to the collection. Absolutely hate the shield inlays, though. Way too overstated and asymmetric-looking, IMHO; simply can’t be convinced otherwise!

I’ve seen JP7s in the wild with dot inlays. What I’m wondering is whether dot inlays were ever an option for any Sterling Petrucci models. I’m pretty sure that there are absolutely no dot Majesty models, based on what I’ve read and seen. And I’m assuming that “no inlays” was never an option, except maybe in some rare BFR that I’ve never seen.

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