Question: Majesty Piezo/Mag pedal board connection

Question: Majesty Piezo/Mag pedal board connection


I’ve purchased an arctic dream 6 string majesty earlier this year (still waiting for it to arrive) and I’ve started giving thought on how I am going to connect it to my pedal board. I can honestly say I’ve spent hours searching the net and still haven’t came up with a viable solution.

Here’s what I want (might be impossible):
1. Control over the piezo/mags selection (piezo/mag/both) using the guitar switch solely, without the need to press pedals.
2. Route the mag signal through the pedal board, mix it with the piezo signal to amp A.
3. Route the piezo signal through a TC Electronics Bodyrez, mix it with the wet mag signal into amp A (yes, the same amp).
4. I prefer to plug a TRS cable to the guitar (not a Y cable).

As far as I understand Petrucci connects his guitars (using a TRS cable) to a Framptone ABY amp switcher (no longer manufactured) which splits the signals to the pedal board and a Bodyrez pedal.
My problem is I don’t know how to combine the signals back together in a permanent “both on” state (and leave the switching to the guitar itself) without the pedal board noising the piezo signal when only the piezo is selected.

If anyone has any idea I would really appreciate it 🙂


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