Question: Need Some Help/Advice with my new EBMM Majesty

Question: Need Some Help/Advice with my new EBMM Majesty

Hi Everyone,

After a very long wait, I was finally able to get an EBMM Majesty guitar. But I need some help and advice on a few issues I am having.

Firstly, I was trying to adjust my tremolo with the little screw that is underneath the bridge so you can adjust how tight or loose the tremolo bar is. I like my tremolo to be fairly tight, however when trying to adjust the little screw to make the tremolo tighter, I accidentally stripped the screw. was extremely kind to send me a replacement screw, but the problem is, since the screw I was originally using appears to be stripped and I cannot get a hex wrench/key to loosen or tighten that screw.

Like I stated above, Ernie Ball was extremely kind in sending me a replacement screw, but I do not know how to get the stripped screw out. Does anyone have suggestions or know how I can fix this issue? I would be extremely grateful.

I don’t mean to add another question to this post, but I am also wondering how you adjust intonation on the majesty. I see the six holes underneath the tremolo, but what tool do I use – a Hex Key/Hex wrench? I know my JP13 has screws so it is pretty straightforward, but these holes that appear to be where you adjust intonation are very small, and I have no idea what tool I need to adjust intonation

Again, I appreciate any help and/or advice to help me get this fixed. Right now my number one priority is getting the stripped tremolo screw that controls how loose or tight your tremolo bar is out and putting the new tremolo screw in that Ernie Ball was so awesome to send to me.

Thank you all again for any support, advice, or solutions to this.

Best regards,


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