Question: Possible to Float St. Vincent Tremolo?

Question: Possible to Float St. Vincent Tremolo?

Hey, I just got myself an EBMM St. Vincent last night. I’m coming to EBMM after playing strats for 17 years, and one of the things I loved about my strat was having the tremolo set to float for little flutters and vibrato.

When I picked up my St. Vincent at Guitar Center last night, I noted that the tremolo was set near-flush to the body. Realizing that this is how many come out of the box, I asked the Guitar Center employee if it was possible to float the trem on the St. Vincent.

He said no – but he also said it wasn’t possible on strats either, despite my having done so with my american standard.

I searched the forums – I guess the St. Vincent is still fairly new so I didn’t see much about its set up. So, new friends, is it possible to follow the EBMM FAQ instructions and float a St. Vincent trem?


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