Question: re: headstock heritage stamp

Question: re: headstock heritage stamp

A friend of mine in the US recently bought a Monarchy(royal red) and sent me some pictures. One thing I noticed right away is that it doesn’t have the standard “Made in San Luis Obispo” logo that we’re all familiar with. I’ve heard that at some point they started using “Crafted in” with the California bear logo on some of their guitars; I don’t know if they ever did that on the Monarchy, however. This one in particular, though, has the bear logo, along with “California Heritage Since 1974” and the serial number below it.

When did they start using this logo? And is there a technical or legal reason why they aren’t using Made in America stamp? I’m assuming the guitar is still being made in their California factory.

Just a personal curiosity on my part for anyone in-the-know who may have an answer.

PS – Is anyone having trouble posting? I tried submitting this once, passed the captcha and received a confirmation, yet my post does not appear on the forum or in my posting history.

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