Question: Replacing Saddles on Cutlass and Valentine

Question: Replacing Saddles on Cutlass and Valentine

Alrighty. I bought a cutlass a while back and am finally getting around to setting it up how I like. First thing is I like 10s to 46s on 25.5 scale so I’m replacing the strings. I assume this is such a small change the nut slots will be fine as is. 2nd change is I like these contoured saddles stewmac has.

Highwood Contoured Vintage Saddles for Strat – Set of 6 |

I’m pretty sure the 0262 set will be a perfect fit. I ordered some and will report in once I’ve installed them.

My question is, have any of you removed the bridge plate on a cutlass? I think i just need to remove a few screws after taking off the back piece?

I also recently bought a valentine but don’t have it yet and if I like how the saddle replacement goes on the cutlass I I will probably do the same little mod on the valentine.

I also replace the strap pins with Dunlop locking since I have those on almost all my guitars.

I think that’s it for modifications to these guitars for me, but I’m curious about what other easy mods any of you guys have done. Oh I also added springs to the cutlass to lock down the trem. I’m more of a hard tail player. I have a few guitars with a trem but overall I just prefer hard tail. As for why replace the saddles I just find these more comfortable. Especially on a strat since it doesn’t have a bridge cover, but even with the cover on the music man guitars I think I’ll prefer no screws sticking out and the appearance stays about the same.

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