Question: Sabre neck shape vs a Cutlass?

Question: Sabre neck shape vs a Cutlass?

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum, but already like the vibe of the place. 🙂
Apologies if this question has been discussed in the past, I couldn’t quite find the right info when searching the forum.

I’ve had a 2017 Cutlass (SSS, non-roasted) for a few years and it’s a stunning guitar.
The new Sabre is very compelling, but my only concern is the neck shape / profile. It’s surprisingly difficult to find much information on this.

Some people online have mentioned that it’s thinner than they expected, so I’m wondering how it would compare to the Cutlass’ neck? I’m not a fan of mega thin and flat necks (like on the JP models), but I love my Cutlass’ neck feel.

Can anyone share any comments on what to expect with the Sabre? I’d love to play one in person, but the nearest dealer is over 3 hours’ drive away. 😀

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