Question: Sillouhette special wiring + pots

Question: Sillouhette special wiring + pots


I have purchased a 2006 HSS Silhouette Special with the neck pickup exchanged for SD Hot Rails.

There is some noise when turning the volume knob, and also the stock 5-way switch is sometimes misbehaving. Also, I want to wire my guitar like Steve Morse Y2D.

Would you please tell me which components (I want new pots and also the switch) should I buy? I am from Europe. Also, I am a bit concerned about the battery space, I don’t have the battery there right now, but I don’t know where would I wire it in relation to the Y2D schema that I found somewhere in the deep internet. I didn’t disassemble the pickguard yet, because I have just exchanged the strings for new Elixirs and I want to throw them away in the least possible moment when my pots and switch arrive.

Thank you!

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