Question: So many guitars to choose…

Question: So many guitars to choose…

Hey guys first post 🙂

I own and play MM Luke 1 (Floyd version) for about 20 years now. It is still my number one guitar.
I love the EMG pickups, the neck, just everything. But it’s time for something new, let’s say the search is open =)

I tried a Valentine loved it, so that one is definitely coming. The neck feels great has a nice woody tone, really classy =)

But I’d like a 2nd one too…I think the JP15 sounds great, not sure about the neck. I had an Ibanez Prestige with a flat neck, but always prefered the rounder a bit fuller neck. But it is a really versatile guitar from what I heard in demos. You can do anything with it…

Anyone who plays both a Luke and JP?

A Luke 3 might be cool, tried it as well, but I prefer the EMGs to be honest…hope that I’m not the only one who does =)


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