Questions about Ditto X4 FX Features

Questions about Ditto X4 FX Features

Hello.  New to the forums, and new to the customizable / firmware possibilities on these pedals. 

I have recently picked up a used Ditto X4, and I have a few questions:

1.  I read that some people have requested a “play loop from beginning” feature for the play once FX option on these pedals, i.e. similar to the way it works on the flashback, where you engage play once and then can repeatedly hit it to restart the loop on cue (basically how this feature works on the DL4.)  Has this ever been implemented on a firmware update for these pedals, or is there a chance it could be updated? 

2.  I’ve never used tonePrint — does it enable you to customize these kinds of functions? 

3.  This isn’t quite a “consumer” question, but is there anyway to modify the source code for a firmware update to write your own customizable functions?  It would be even more amazing if there could be an interface (like TonePrint) that let you define what each FX setting actually does(!)

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