Questions about licensing and Virus MultiDSP

Questions about licensing and Virus MultiDSP

Hello. Some questions here (I am an X8 user).

1.- I got recently across an old backup of mine; in order to put my X8 into work which was holding dust in the closet (hehe), in an old-spec’d XP system. I had both XP and Mac installers for my (licensed, of course) Virus MultiDSP, but it somehow seems it’s older than the version (maybe not MultiDSP?) installed previously with the 4.something general PowerCore install. So now I am left with the doubt: does the 4.x installer include a MultiDSP version of the Virus plug-in that works in case one has the proper license, or should I need to update my MultiDSP installer/s (if any available)? In this second case, how can I go with it, since in my TÍ account it doesn’t seem there is any link for downloading updated version of MultiDSP installer?

2.- Having noticed that customers PowerCore accounts will be disabled any time soon, I am planning on buying “used” licenses for some items that I still don’t own, e.g. the Harmony4, or the MD3 (btw, I really don’t warm up to the idea of waiting for Native versions thereof). So, how does all this transfering licenses stuff work? And, is there any PowerCore user out there who maybe is reading this and holds a Harmony4, MD3, or Assimilator license to sell?

I am really grateful for this forum and the preserving work it represents. Great value indeed!

So, hope I can find some answers to these. Have a great day and thanks for reading!


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