Quintessence Harmonizer Toneprint Questions

Quintessence Harmonizer Toneprint Questions

Hey folks,
I’ve spent the last two days trying to come up with a usable toneprint for a specific song…
‘Sign Of The Gypsy Queen’ by April Wine

It’s a basic Penatonic, a 3rd up in Em…
(Since we tune down a half step, I’m building the TP in D#)

Trouble is…I can’t seem to edit my TP and get a clean enough harmony for it.
Add to that, I can get the first phrase to sound OK, but harmony for the last note takes a weird twist, and seems to go somewhere unpredictable, and unwelcome.

Anyway, It’s getting frustrating…so that’s why I’m here.

I own 7 TC pedals and love them all, but so far have never used the TP Editor.
Generally, I’m a knob twister, (or I use a TP from the library)…so connecting to the PC and tweaking my own designs is totally new to me. – So far, I just haven’t had the results I’m looking for.

Also, I can save my work to my TP library, and when I hit Save to Pedal, the sound that’s saved is never quite as clean as my work in progress.

The pedal has the latest firmware, and I’m using the most current version of the TP Editor.

Does anyone have any tips?

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