Refinishing a JP6 — pic thread

Refinishing a JP6 — pic thread

This one arrived sporting a not so good refinish in black & blue, along with a painted neck and a good amount of body damage from sanding. I’m going to strip it down, fix the issues with the body/neck, and give it a nice finish.

As it arrived

Yesterday I removed all the hardware, electronics, and the neck (this takes 15-20 minutes, tops).

This morning before work I got out a paintbrush, paint stripper, a stainless bowl, some cardboard, and I commandeered an outside table.

A good thick coat of paint stripper was brushed on and allowed to sit for 15 minutes.

After 5 minutes you can tell it is working on the new finish – Keep in mind that this won’t work on the original EBMM finish, sanding or a heat gun is the way to strip off the hard poly.

After 15 minutes I hit it with the scraper.

Birdseye alert!!!

After a second round of the paint stripper and scraping it was down to the sealed body

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