Reflex / best guitar I have ever owned…so far

Reflex / best guitar I have ever owned…so far

I recently ran across a used 2010 black Reflex with cream binding on and I just pulled the trigger and got it. I was not even intentionally looking for this guitar, but the pictures reminded me of a 84 black and cream Tele Elite, I once had and the price point was an absolute no brainier. This guitar is chambered and has a 5 way switch with series and parallel options which give if 10 distinct sounds. One thing I am coming up to speed on, is that the sound and playability of EBMM for me, makes buying one I have never played a non-stress event. I will not hesitate to buy another and for that reason I need to stay away for a few months….

This is simply the best sounding and most comfortable guitar I have ever owned !! I have had LP Standards, G&L’s and on and on. Love it, and looking forward to my next purchase which I think will be a Luke III or an Axis SS but who really knows, I don’t. / Hope the picture turns out right side up this time.…9&d=1528573381

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